UV Stabilized Films For Pilot Plant

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A pilot experiment, also called a pilot study, is a small scale preliminary study conducted before the main research, in order to check the feasibility or to improve the design of the research. Pilot studies, therefore, may not be appropriate for case studies. They are frequently carried out before large-scale quantitative research, in an attempt to avoid time and money being wasted on an inadequately designed project. A pilot study is usually carried out on members of the relevant population, but not on those who will form part of the final sample. This is because it may influence the later behavior of research subjects if they have already been involved in the research.


Pilot experiments are also used to reduce cost, as they are less expensive than full experiments. If there is not enough reason to provide full scale applications, pilots can generally provide this proof.


For such type of Pilot study or research Ldpe Polythene sheets are majorly used. As Ldpe Polythene sheet have salient feathers like water resistance, crack resistant and prone to environmental stress. Thus Ldpe polythene sheets helps to experiment in cost effective and best results are obtained.