UV Stabilized Films For Cultivation

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Ultra violet Green house film provides a controlled and favourable environment for the crops to grow in all seasons. The technology saves crops from cold in winter, from heat in summer and from rain in monsoon.


U.V stabilized green house film is more suited to vegetables crops (such as tomato, brinjal, cauliflower, capsicum, cabbage, chillies, ladies finger, spinach etc.), flowers (like rose, gerbera, carnation etc) and nursery for all vegetable crops, because of their small life-span. This technology is mainly suitable for commercial farming, as it requires investment in setting up the entire framework. It involves a structure similar to a house, in which only sunlight is allowed to enter. It has mainly two parts, first is a frame or the basic structure made of galvanized iron pipes, bamboo, woods and iron rods, and the second is the cladding or covering material made of plastic films.